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Via Kris Kasianovitz, Government Information Librarian for International, State and Local Documents, Head, Social Sciences Resource Group, Green Library, 123E, Stanford, CA 94305 – “For those who work with State and Local government information (legal, regulatory, legislative, executive, etc. – that’s most of us, yea?) – you might want to tune in to this webcast or if you are in the DC area consider attending.

Carl Malamud had been taking on copyright of state legal materials (including standards and regulations)  for some time; he has won some important court cases on this issue – helping establish legal precedence on the issue of public domain of state and local government information. The case with Georgia which is over the “government edicts doctrine” has been dragging on for some time and is now before the Supreme Court (Docket # 18-1150, there’s a whole lotta briefs to read: – so this discussion is timely and should be very informative (in addition to the court’s opinion).


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