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Project Drawdown: The World’s Leading Climate Solutions Database Is Growing “Founded in 2014 by Author and Entrepreneur Paul Hawken in collaboration with over 200 researchers, Project Drawdown is one of the most influential research-backed databases of climate solutions on the planet.  The project’s mission is to help the world reach ‘drawdown’ – the point in time where levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to decline – as quickly and as safely as possible. Project Drawdown conducts ongoing review and analysis of practices and technologies that are able to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere and also are 1) currently available, 2) growing in scale, 3) financially viable, 4) able to have a net positive impact, and 5) quantifiable under different scenarios. Our work shows the world can reach drawdown by mid-century if we make the best use of all existing climate solutions. Certainly, more solutions are needed and emerging, but there is no reason—or time—to wait. Now is better than new, and society is well equipped for transformation today. Below you will find links to individual solutions, filterable by sector and area of action. The Table of Solutions link presents all solutions in a table sortable by impact and sector. Our Methods page explains how we arrived at our conclusions for each solution, and a Glossary defines terms used in the solutions summaries. If you would like to see the original, unedited research reports, please contact us. In addition to providing solution summaries, we are in the process of moving our research models—which help us quantify the potential size and economics of different climate solutions—into the public domain. This process is still in the early stages, and many pieces of software are still under development.”

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