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ProPublica Adds More Than a Million New Records to Nonprofit Explorer

“The IRS finally resolved its delay in publishing new nonprofit tax records, and we’ve added them to our database. ProPublica has added more than a million new tax records for tax-exempt organizations to Nonprofit Explorer, making it easier to assess the finances of charities operating across the nation. The update includes more than 900,000 filings published by the Internal Revenue Service from recent fiscal years, resolving a yearslong delay that had stymied regulators, journalists and donors. The filings, known as Form 990s, detail how organizations have carried out their public interest mission and disclose executive pay, as well as grantmaking and fundraising activities. Tax-exempt organizations must submit them annually. We’ve also added more than 400,000 older tax records that had been missing from our database, primarily dating back to 2016 and 2017. This will make it easier to assess long-term financial information for nonprofit organizations. These documents provide insight into a key sector of the U.S. economy, one that employs more than 12 million Americans.”

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