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Protect Predators on Refuges

Center for Biological Diversity: “Each year across the national wildlife refuge system, scores of carnivores are cruelly killed at the behest of the livestock industry and hunters. This “predator control” is supposed to protect farm animals grazing on public land and increase numbers of elk and deer for hunters. But science shows it doesn’t work.  Thankfully the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed a rule to ban so-called predator control on all national wildlife refuges. Tell the Service to finalize this critical rule to protect native carnivores from needless death. The national wildlife refuge system is the world’s largest and most diverse network of conservation lands, encompassing more than 850 million land and marine acres across dozens of unique habitat types in all 50 U.S. states and five territories. These federal lands are home to many iconic carnivore species — from wolves and bears to mountain lions, bobcats and foxes — who depend on wildlife refuges to survive.  Prohibiting predator-control programs on refuges will help maintain biodiversity on public lands while protecting animals from painful traps and being chased and gunned down from airplanes and helicopters.  Let the Service know it’s time for national wildlife refuges to finally fulfill their purpose for native carnivores, providing a refuge from needlessly cruel death.”

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