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Public Interest in Science and Health Linked to Gender, Age and Personality

“Those who try to measure public understanding about science and technology often link science and technology with the health and medical domain. Yet, the reality is that different people find those distinct parts of science interesting. Overall, a new analysis by Pew Research Center finds 37% of online adults say “health and medicine” is among the topics they find most interesting,1, while 32% identify “science and technology” in their top three. But the people who find each topic area to be particularly interesting are, by and large, different publics. Just 11% of online adults say both “science and technology” and “health and medicine” are of particular interest. Women are especially likely to express interest in health and medical topics, while men are relatively more inclined to express interest in science and technology. About half of online women (52%) say health and medicine is among the top three topics of interest to them, compared with 22% among men. Men are about twice as likely as women to say science and technology is among the top three topics of interest to them (43% of men compared with 22% of women). There are also some divides by age when it comes to interest in these topics. Younger adults (ages 18 to 29) are more inclined than older adults (ages 50 to 64) to cite science and technology as a topic of particular interest, while the reverse pattern occurs when it comes to interest in health and medicine…”

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