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Public schools in US increasingly make us of crowdfunding to buy books, technology, supplies

Via GOOD: “Public schools in America are supposed to level the educational playing field, but that’s tough to do when they’re not being adequately—or equally—funded. When budget cuts come, teachers and parents are forced to scramble to cover the costs of even basic school supplies. It’s no wonder then, in the hopes of bridging this financial gap, teachers turn to crowdfunding sites like and, where strangers around the globe can donate funds for everything from class sets of books and technology supplies, to sports equipment and field trips that districts can no longer afford to pay for…Schools receive funding from three main sources: state budgets, local sources—primarily property and business taxes—and the federal government. With the advent of the Great Recession in 2008, states slashed education funding, and many didn’t replenish education coffers when the economy rebounded. Cities with lower property values and fewer businesses have lower tax revenue, which means they don’t have much to funnel to local schools. In other places, fear of new taxes leads people to vote down bonds and legislative bills that would raise the money schools need. The smallest percentage of money comes from the federal government, which chips in funding for programs like Head Start, that assist children who have special needs or come from low-income households. The proposed 2017-2018 federal education budget slashes a staggering $10.6 billion from programs. Each time another chunk of funding is gouged out of educational coffers, students and classrooms suffer, particularly in impoverished areas…”

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