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Rebecca B. Rankin: Early Advocate for Public Access to Government Information

NYPR Archives & Preservation: “Rebecca B. Rankin was the Director of the Municipal Reference Library for the City of New York. Her work included the promotion of resources and services of the library to its clients. When budget cuts forced her to curtail the traditional publications used for publicity and outreach, Rankin took the pioneering step of employing radio to communicate with prospective customers in the local government and their constituents. Rankin and her staff prepared and presented over three hundred radio talks between 1928 and 1938. The success of this publicity strategy was demonstrated by an increase in patrons and requests. The weekly broadcasts over WNYC also succeeded as an outreach service by communicating vital civic information…” [important to always acknowledge the pioneers in our profession, learn from them, and continuously pay it forward – sharing and communicating knowledge is in our professional DNA – we will never be silenced – we will remain actively engaged with planting, cultivating and nurturing an abundance of Truth in the against the torrent of all that is Fake and False.]

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