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Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium

“The Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium is a coalition of gun violence researchers and practitioners from seven states and territories that aims to inform policymakers and the public by providing evidence-based, data-driven policy recommendations to disrupt the cycle of firearm-involved homicides, suicides, and injuries. The Consortium approaches the study of gun violence with the belief that:

  • Gun violence is a public policy problem.
  • State and local governments are key in the fight to reduce firearm-involved deaths and injuries.
  • We need to better understand the nuances of state law- and policy-making to effectively combat gun violence…
  • Expert Opinion: The Coming Collision of Gun Laws and RightsLike two trains hurtling toward each other on the same track, national gun policy is facing an impending collision of two opposing forces. On the one hand, the recent spate of gun violence, including an alarming number of mass shootings, has again heightened attention on the nation’s inadequate gun laws, and strengthened calls for changes strongly supported by the public, as well as by most gun owners. On the other hand, the nation’s federal courts have been staffed by a large number of conservative judges, many appointed by President Trump, including his three appointees to the Supreme Court. Among the issues uniting these justices is adherence to a singularly expansive view of gun rights, far exceeding that set out by the Court in its 2008 DC v. Heller decision. These conservative jurists are poised not just to thwart, but throw into gear-grinding reverse, the nation’s gun control laws. That collision is now in motion, thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear an appeal to a ruling upholding New York State’s “may issue” concealed carry gun law…”

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