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Report – Federal Contractors Frequently Put Workers’ Lives and Livelihoods at Risk

Acting Responsibly? Federal Contractors Frequently Put  Workers’ Lives and Livelihoods at Risk – Senator Harkin Unveils HELP Committee Investigation on Labor Law Violations Among Major Government Contractors, December 11, 2013.

“Each year, the United States pays out over $500 billion in taxpayer dollars to private companies for goods and services, much of which is used to pay the salaries of millions of workers. Taken together, companies that receive government contracts employ an estimated 22 percent of the American workforce, approximately 26 million workers. In recent years, the federal government has increasingly used the contracting process to procure employee-based service work such as cleaning, security, and construction. However, a new analysis shows that taxpayer dollars are routinely being paid to companies that are putting the livelihoods and the lives of workers at risk. Many of the most flagrant violators of federal workplace safety and wage laws are also recipients of large federal contracts. Some of the nation’s largest federal contractors fail to pay their workers the wages they have earned or provide their employees with safe and healthy working conditions. The analysis found that almost 30 percent of the top violators of federal wage and safety laws are also current federal contractors.”


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