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Report from European Coalition for Digital Rights

International privacy organisations: Don’t let corporations strip citizens of their right to privacy

  • “This report features new analysis by privacy experts of proposed amendments to the draft Data Protection Regulation. It reveals how many of these amendments threaten to critically undermine the privacy of EU consumers and citizens. Together, the amendments are an effort to strip EU citizens ‘naked’ by making it almost impossible for them to control who sees their personal information and even how it is used…We have grouped the amendments into five themes, outlining exactly why they would be so damaging for EU citizens’ privacy rights. The proposals would:
    • weaken the definition of consent, making it more likely people could unwittingly agree to their data being used.
    • make it easy for companies to profile people without their consent, resulting in possible discrimination particularly of the most vulnerable.
    • allow businesses more readily to decide their interests outweigh people’s privacy rights.
    • assume that so-called “pseudonymisation of data” is an effective means of avoiding privacy harms.
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