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Report of the Seventh Annual National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms

National Association of Women Lawyers and the NAWL Foundation: “Also, continuing a trend we have noted in previous Survey Reports, the structure of law firms has grown more complex. The typical AmLaw 200 firm is now a two-tier partnership with many different categories of lawyer in a leveraged structure: 151 equity partners (barely 15% women), 91 non-equity partners (26% women), 54 counsel (35% women), 188 associates (46% women), and 11 staff attorneys (70% women). As the preceding numbers clearly show, women constitute a smaller percentage of each category as you move up the career ladder. In other words, over the course of time women exit law firms disproportionately more than their male peers. Moreover, it is troubling to note that the percentages of women equity partners and women associates in the typical firm have declined slightly during the past two years.”

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