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Report: Sending Jobs Overseas – The Cost to America's Economy and Working Families

Sending Jobs Overseas: The Cost to America’s Economy and Working Families, Report by Working America and the AFL-CIO: “This report was created by Working America and the AFL-CIO as a companion piece to Working America’s Job Tracker, a ZIP code–searchable database of jobs exported (as well as Occupational Safety and Health Act violations and other workplace issues). Users can search their area for companies that have sent jobs overseas. Though Job Tracker is one of the largest publicly available, fully searchable records of the extent and specifics of outsourcing, it only reveals the tip of the iceberg. This report and Job Tracker contextualize each other—Job Tracker by mapping specific job losses due to outsourcing, the report by taking a broad view of the national-level numbers that are available and offering case studies of key industries. The problem of outsourcing is a global one. American policy solutions should not protect America’s workers at the expense of others. Instead, policy responses to outsourcing should create good jobs for all who want them, as well as job rights for workers around the globe, so that corporations cannot drag down labor standards for all workers by exploiting a few.” [Stuart Basefsky]

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