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Report – The evolving value of information management

“This report is the result of a research study commissioned by both the Financial Times and the Special Libraries Association (SLA), to explore the evolving value of information management in today’s society. Reflecting the opinions of both information professionals (providers) and senior executives (users) worldwide, the aim is to identify the opportunities to enhance the value of information management to business and provide an actionable framework for the continuing success of the information function in any organisation. “Big data” and the proliferation of new technologies are shortening the time to an answer, and yet also causing many new challenges for both users and providers. Although this research shows contrasting perspectives between providers and users, many of the root causes of the issues are the same. Both suffer from information overload and spend too much valuable time filtering for information that is useful (relevant, accurate and timely). To overcome this, both parties must use a deeper understanding of the organisation-wide strategy and business values to frame priorities in how information is used. There are now many alternatives for information professionals and information centres. It is the responsibility of information providers to solidify themselves as the best solution to their organisation’s information needs and reinforce the value they provide.”

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