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Reproductive Health and Digital Privacy

Digital Defense Fund: “This page is organized into different security-related threats. You can jump to the ones that most concern you. Along with each scenario is a list of digital security tips to neutralize the threat. These are possible concerns you might have:

* New *: Abortion Mobile Privacy Settings Quick Guide – These privacy recommendations are for informational purposes only, and do not constitute legal advice. Please consult with your own counsel for any questions on applicable local, state, or federal laws. Do you have specific legal questions about your abortion experience? Reach out to the Repro Legal HelpLine. This guide is also available in Spanish. | Esta guía también está disponible en español.

See also Wired: How to Protect Your Digital Privacy if Roe v. Wade Falls. “Reproductive rights are still largely guaranteed in the United States. Here are some key privacy concepts to adopt in the event that they’re not.”

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