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Request to archive the CFPB Consumer Complaint Database receives positive response

Ben Amata – GOVDOC-L – Request to GPO – Please catalog CFPB Consumer Complaint database as public access may be removed. GPO’s reponse: “This site is harvested twice a year. For the Consumer Complaint database, the Web Archive team was not able to capture the database user interface in such a way that it functions like the live site, however, they  were able to capture all the data using the “download” link and the download function does work from within the Web Archive. From the team: “We were able to capture the download files and users can access it from the Download section. Please see information below. We can capture the page and CSV file etc, but playback does not function in the archive like it does on the live page for the actual database. We do capture the links that allow users to still download and access all the data. I would recommend visiting this URL:  And downloading the data. We have the data, just not the insanely simple user interface. Here is calendar page for the last 2 years of captures for that page:*/ good news is the full database of Consumer Complaint data is captured about every six month.” Thanks to Ben and the terrific professionals at GPO!

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