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Reseachers Focus on Fighting Web Spam

Hao Chen, Assistant Professor, UC Davis in collaboration with In collaboration with Microsoft Researchers Yi-Min Wang and Ming Ma, pub lished Spam Double-Funnel: Connecting Web Spammers with Advertisers. [Darlene Fichter]

  • Overview: “Web spamming is a prevalent problem on the Web. Publishing and contributing to the web is increasingly easy. Spammers, motivated by money, want to attract users to their sites. High visibility in search results facilitates and lends a false air of legitimacy to the spammer’s page. To get to this point, spammers create many doorway pages hosted by free services. They publicize the URLs to these doorway pages through comment spam. Their goal in doing so is not to trick people, but rather to defeat search engine ranking algorithms.”
  • See also their website, Strider Search Ranger: War on Search Spam: Shifting the Battleground by “Following the Money”. Created: January 2007. Last Updated: March 20, 2007
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