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Research proposes using steam for disinfection of N95 masks

FastCompany – Scientists have developed a method of steaming your mask in the microwave that kills all the viruses living on it. You have all the equipment you need at home. “..The masks are only designed for a single use. But a new study shows that they can be safely decontaminated for reuse with simple tools. While only some hospitals have fairly expensive disinfection and sterilization equipment, the process tested in the study could be used anywhere. “Not all people who have need of an N95 mask necessarily have access to these industrial-scale disinfection processes,” says James Kirby, a professor of pathology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital at Harvard Medical School, and one of the authors of the study…The researchers tested an approach that uses steam generated in a microwave. Steam isn’t a new method for disinfection, but it typically involves using commercial steam bags—they’re also in short supply right now. The new method uses only commonly available household supplies…”

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