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Research shows answering one robocall doesn’t lead to more

engadget: “In an attempt to better understand robocalls, researchers from North Carolina State University set up 66,606 fake phone lines and recorded 1,481,201 unsolicited calls over an 11-month period. Their research debunks a couple longstanding myths, but it also confirms that if your number is spoofed, you may be in for a robocall “storm.” While it may feel like robocalls are becoming more frequent, the NC State research suggests that the number of robocalls has remained flat from month to month. The team also found that answering a robocall does not make you more likely to receive other spam calls. But those stories about people being bombarded with so many calls from unknown numbers that they can’t use their phones are likely true. The researchers found that, when a robocaller masks itself with a spoofed phone number and makes hundreds of thousands of calls, many of those recipients will call the number back…”

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