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Researchers found a way to clean N95 masks for reuse in a common electric cooker

Washington Post – “…[using a] Farberware multifunction pressure cooker that cost about $50…in a recently published study, Professors Thanh H. Nguyen and Vishal Verma detailed how the dry heat produced by such electric cookers (rice cookers or multicookers such as Instant Pots) may be an effective way of decontaminating medical-grade N95 masks. Using the rice preset on the Farberware cooker and N95 respirators from 3M, a major manufacturer of the protective coverings, the researchers found that 50-minute treatments without pressure at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit left the masks thoroughly cleaned without compromising fit or filtration efficiency. “The N95 can be reused using a very simple method,” said Nguyen, whose research focuses on pathogen transmission and control. “We are not testing exhaustively every device out there, everything, but we want to show that this concept works. Then people can use the idea and apply to other things.”…

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