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RIAA vs. MIT & Boston College Over File-Sharing Student Info

From MIT News (via The Register): “MIT recently received a subpoena from the Recording Industry Association of America that was issued under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The subpoena requests the name and address of the individual whose computer was, according to the RIAA, sending out copyrighted songs on the Internet…MIT of course has a policy of complying with lawfully issued subpoenas. But in this case we have been advised by counsel that the subpoena was not in compliance with the court rules that apply to these subpoenas, and did not allow MIT time to send any notice as the law requires.”

  • MIT, Boston College say subpoenas in music-piracy case violate privacy rules
  • In related news, see this article from today’s Washington Post: “The movie industry announced a broad anti-piracy campaign today, with commercials set to appear on all six broadcast television networks, more than two dozen cable channels and in 5,000 movie theaters nationwide.”
  • See also the Motion Picture Association of America’s new website, Respect (via
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