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RSS Parrot – Turn Mastodon into your feed reader

“This is the browser home of RSS Parrot, a Fediverse service that lets you turn Mastodon into your feed reader. The Parrot follows the RSS or Atom feeds of a large number of websites, and sends out a toot whenever a new post is published on one of them. Every feed has a dedicated account. If you follow that account, you’ll receive a toot in your timeline whenever a new post shows up in the feed. The RSS Parrot brings Wordpress blogs into the Fediverse without the need for the blog’s owner to install the Mastodon plugin. If you have a Wordpress blog and want to enable Mastodon users to follow it, the easiest way is to share your blog’s RSS Parrot account. Since Bluesky accounts also have a public RSS feed now, the RSS Parrot brings the whole of Bluesky into Mastodon. Every Bluesky profile that someone has requested is watched by a Parrot account. If you follow the Parrot acount, you’ll see the Bluesky user’s posts in your Mastodon timeline…”

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