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Russian invasion’s impact on politics, policy, business and more

Politico Playbook: “Bruce Mehlman is out with a new deck on the Russian invasion’s impact on politics, policy, business and more…Bruce sees “minimal ‘rally around the commander-in-chief’” effect “given U.S. not attacked.” The potential upside for Biden, if he executes well, is that he’s seen as “strong Wartime Leader rallying West vs aggression,” like George H. W. Bush in the Gulf War. The potential downside, if things go awry: “echoes Afghan withdrawal, questions of competence,” like Jimmy Carter and the hostage crisis. “The biggest angle I am watching (beyond nuclear saber-rattling and the central bank squeeze) is the potential divest movement,” he tells Playbook. ABOUT PUTIN’S NUKE THREAT: U.S. officials tell Playbook that they are still analyzing and trying to understand the details of Putin’s statement and that no firm conclusions have been reached that it represents a specific threat.”

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