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Sales of US Constitution topped 1 million during Trump years

AP – “At the National Constitution Center, in Philadelphia, they like to joke that what’s bad for the country is often good for the organization. “Web traffic is through the roof,” says the nonprofit’s CEO and president, Jeffrey Rosen. “We had more than 400,000 visitors to our site in the days following Jan. 6,” when supporters of President Donald Trump rampaged in the U.S. Capitol. “Our previous record was around 160,000.” From his extraordinary political rise in 2015-16 through the four years of his presidency, including his unprecedented challenges to his re-election loss to Joe Biden, Trump’s tenure became a kind of ongoing seminar about how the government works and how a democracy might fail. Questions once limited to Constitutional scholars — how many Cabinet members are needed to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the president from power, whether a state legislature has the power to overturn the votes of presidential balloting — became part of everyday conversation…”

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