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Scam apartment listings are everywhere. Here’s how to spot them.

Washington Post: Dodging fraudulent listings is creating extra stress for apartment-hunters. “But fake listings have telltale signs…Today, navigating real estate scams is part of the process for prospective renters looking for homes online. And the sustained spike in housing prices amid inflation and supply problems makes people more vulnerable as they scramble to find something within their budgets, fraud experts say. Average rent in the United States grew 9.2 percent during the three months ended June 30, compared with the same period last year, according to data from commercial real estate company CoStar. In large metropolitan areas, the pop in rent prices is even more pronounced: The average rent in Manhattan broke $5,000 a month this year. When potential renters come across an apartment listed for a good price, they might feel like the clock is ticking — and that works in scammers’ favor, says Kelly Merryman, president and chief operating officer of digital safety company Aura.”

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