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SEC Requests Comments on Modernizing its Disclosure System

Securities and Exchange Commission [Release Nos. 33-8962; 34-58657; File No. 4-567] Roundtable on Modernizing the SEC’s Disclosure System AGENCY: Securities and Exchange Commission. Action: Notice of roundtable discussion; request for comment.

  • “In June 2008, Chairman Christopher Cox launched the 21st Century Disclosure Initiative and called for a fundamental rethinking of our current disclosure system, which could result in transitioning away from a forms-based approach. The principal objective of the Initiative is to enhance the usefulness of disclosure to investors. Improved efficiency for preparers of disclosure also will be important. The Initiative will include a careful review of existing disclosure, the objectives of disclosure, and whether and how disclosure may be improved through the application of modern technology and practices. Based on its internal efforts and other information, including the views expressed at the October 8, 2008, roundtable and comments received regarding the roundtable, Initiative staff will prepare a report that describes a modernized disclosure system and recommends future action for a transition to the new system. The proposed new system will use modern information technology to collect, manage, and provide structured data or information that is accessible, and easier to use, while providing the Commission with tools to better fulfill its mission of protecting investors, maintaining orderly markets, and facilitating the formation of capital.”
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