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Sen. Landrieu's Statement on the Establishment of an 8/29 Commission to Investigate Katrina Levee Failures

Sen. Landrieu’s Statement on the Establishment of an 8/29 Commission to Investigate Katrina Levee Failures:
(August 9) “Since the early days following Hurricane Katrina, I have joined with in calling for a comprehensive, independent 8/29 commission to take a targeted look at the collapse of the levee system and examine the steps we must to take to prevent another storm from drowning us. That is why I introduced an amendment to Water Resources Development Act to create the necessary congressionally sanctioned investigative commission.
There have been numerous studies about Katrina, without any clear direction of how to prevent a flood control system failure in the future. These studies have not adequately zeroed in on the crucial question of how our levees failed us, and the Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force chaired by the Corps itself did not provide the completely independent examination that is required.
An analysis similar to that by the 9-11 Commission is the only route to uncovering how 1,071 lives were lost and 786,372 people were displaced when the federal government’s levee system failed to protect us. While my WRDA amendment was met by partisan objection, I will continue to push for a thorough and independent analysis of the events leading up to August 29, 2005.”

  • About Levees.Org – “Levees.Org was founded in November of 2005 by Sandy Rosenthal, 50 and her son Stanford, 16 while living in Lafayette, Louisiana after evacuating from New Orleans. They returned to the city and grew the organization to over 14,000 members with a six member Board. The non sectarian non partisan grassroots group’s mission is education that New Orleans was destroyed primarily by bad engineering and not bad weather.”
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