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Senators Introduce Anti-Spyware Bill

From the press release issued yesterday by Senator Conrad Burns:

  • “U.S. Senators Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), today introduced legislation (S. 2145) to prohibit spyware, adware, and other invasive software from being secretly installed on Americans’ computers. For the first time, the SPYBLOCK (Software Principles Yielding Better Levels of Consumer Knowledge) Act would prohibit installing software on somebody else’s computer without notice and consent, and requires reasonable “uninstall” procedures for all downloadable software. Spyware, adware and other hidden programs often secretly piggyback on downloaded Internet software without the user’s knowledge, transmitting information about computer usage and generating pop-up advertisements. Frequently such software is designed to be virtually impossible to uninstall.”
  • See also FTC To Host Spyware Workshop, April 19, 2004 (the Federal Register notice is here).
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