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Shop With Your Heart Grocery List

ASPCA: “Every food purchase is a chance to change our food system, no matter what you eat. We’ve made it easier than ever to Shop With Your Heart by searching for food made from plant-based ingredients or to find animal-products that have earned one or more recommended animal welfare certifications. Our search engine allows you to further refine welfare-certified products by how animals were raised: on pasture, with outdoor access, or indoors in an enriched environment. Results are displayed with the highest animal welfare environment available in alphabetical order. The ASPCA has identified three independent and meaningful welfare certification programs that ban unacceptable factory farming practices and provide a better life for animals through their standards and farm audits: Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane, and Global Animal Partnership. These certifications’ standards range from raising animals indoors with added enrichments, which the ASPCA considers to be baseline for better animal care, to outdoor access where animals have access to more space, fresh air, and sunlight, to pasture raised where animals have reliable access to space and growing vegetation – generally the highest welfare farming model. The below chart shows where the ASPCA-recognized certifications fall with respect to these three types of higher welfare farming. Note that some certifications have multiple levels, different meanings for different species, or are strengthened by the presence of additional claims on the package. To learn more, visit…”

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