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Snapshot of the Twitter Migration

DeweySquare:  “In this report, we track, with the most quantifiable data we can, the contours, scope, and direction of the migration as it is at its beginning. Some users are fully leaving the platform, and many are not going that far yet, but creating new, alternative accounts, hedging their bets in case Twitter descends further into chaos, goes out of business, or crashes and doesn’t return….Some top findings:

  • Twitter itself has seen a jolt of users deactivating accounts at a dramatic and new rate.
  • Mastodon moved up to 7.8+ million accounts created (growing 2.2 million new users since the Musk takeover) and up to today’s 2.6 million monthly active monthly users (growing by more than 2 million new users in the last weeks). They are now steadily growing by
    approximately 1.5 million new users per month.
  • Our scans showed that since the Musk takeover, Mastodon account names have been added to the Twitter bios of 90K+ users and directly mentioned by 197K+ users in the last 30 days. This is by far the most of any of the emerging social platforms. []…”

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