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Social media promised to connect us, but made us isolated and tribal instead

Fast Company – “A psychologist who studies anxiety and stress explains how to cope during an increasingly divisive time…Human thinking itself has been transformed. It’s now more difficult for us to grasp the “big picture.” A book is a long read these days, too much for some people. Scrolling and swiping culture has reduced our attention span (on average people spend 1.7 to 2.5 seconds on a Facebook news feed item). It has also deactivated our critical thinking skills. Even really big news doesn’t last on our feed longer than a few hours; after all, the next blockbuster story is just ahead. The Matrix does the thinking; we consume the ideology and are bolstered by the likes from our tribemates…We need to take back the control. Here are seven things we can do to unplug ourselves out of the Matrix…”

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