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Some in Congress Set to Confront White House On Domestic Spying Program

AP reports today the Senate Judicary Committe Chairman Arlen Specter “said he believes the administration violated a 1978 law specifically calling for a secretive court to consider and approve such monitoring.”
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  • Time, Sunday, Feb. 05, 2006 – Wartime Power Play, by Massimo Calabresi: “As Capitol Hill prepares to battle the White House over George W. Bush’s expanding war powers, moderate Senators on both sides of the aisle are quietly considering a range of options that would attempt at the very least to delineate the President’s authority, if not roll it back. Bush’s claims of wartime license are so great–the White House and Justice Department have argued that the Commander in Chief’s pursuit of national security cannot be constrained by any laws passed by Congress, even when he is acting against U.S. citizens–that some Senators are considering a constitutional amendment to limit his powers.”
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