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Soothe Yourself With These Zoo and Pasta Making Livestreams

The Cut: “It’s all very upsetting. Just, all of it. With wave after wave of acutely unsettling coronavirus information assaulting your eyeballs every time you look at a screen — which I bet you’re doing more often than usual, given that self-isolation is limiting in terms of available activities — it is good, I think, to occasionally feed our brains small and pleasant distractions. Just a little something to take the edge off. You know, like five full minutes of polar-bear cubs discovering dirt. That kind of thing. Many people won’t actually be able to go anywhere for the foreseeable, but, as all this inside time is constantly reminding me, so, so much can be accomplished via webcam — including watching zoos. Luckily, lots of zoos have kept their livestreams on even as they close their doors to the public. Meaning you can now shelter in place with some sea otters. How soothing…”

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