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State of Working America Preview: Income inequality in dollars and cents

“The gap in income growth between the richest and the poorest American families is staggering, as data to be published January on EPI’s State of Working America (SWA) Web site show. The Chart, from the forthcoming SWA Web site, shows what the concentration of income growth at the top of the income scale has meant, in dollars and cents, for the typical American family. Between 1979 and 2005, households at the bottom fifth of the income scale have seen an average, inflation-adjusted income growth of just $200. Importantly, that does not represent an average annual increase in income of $200, but rather, an increase of $200 over the entire 26-year period. By contrast, a small number of households at the top 0.1% of the income scale saw average income growth of almost $6 million over that same period.”

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