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State Report Card on Transparency of Physician Quality Information

“For a third year in a row most states receive a failing grade for providing information to consumers on the quality of physician care. While national attention has been placed on price transparency, a commensurate spotlight has not been shone on quality transparency. Even in states that have fully implemented all-payer claims databases, the use of those data seems confined to providing pricing information, not quality information. There are, of course, some exceptions, and these exceptions are the same as last year’s. The community-wide programs in Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Kansas City continue their hard work of providing physician quality of care information. And the same is true for the statewide efforts in Maine, Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Minnesota and Wisconsin. While the focus of most of these efforts is on primary care physicians, what they often measure matters a lot to consumers, including how well these physicians can take care of chronic conditions.”

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