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Staying Safer in Cyberspace: Cloud Security on the Horizon

Staying Safer in Cyberspace: Cloud Security on the Horizon, January 2014. Karen S. Evans, Julie M. Anderson, Brian D. Shevenaug.

“Cloud computing brings with it both risks and rewards. In recent years, senior Federal officials from the Secretary of Defense to the Director of National Intelligence and even the President have stressed that securing our information systems and computer networks is a crucial element of the nation’s security architecture. At the same time, the  Federal government is turning to cloud computing to resolve some of the problems that  have chronically plagued its information technology (IT) environment. But until now,  efforts to implement cybersecurity and cloud computing initiatives have been too fragmented and lacked the type of overarching coordination needed to mitigate the risks while reaping the rewards. This paper offers a plan to help agency CIOs realize the benefits of cloud technology while meeting current Federal cybersecurity requirements.”

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