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Stop trying to work in multiple browser tabs. It’s terrible for your focus.

Mashable: “If you’re reading this story in a single browser tab, because you only focus on one task at a time, congratulations, you can stop reading now. You likely know everything I’m about to say. This piece is for the rest of us, those who invariably juggle multiple tabs at once, convinced that we can bounce seamlessly between web pages and digital tasks without losing focus. I’m here to propose a radical alternative: You should work, as much as possible, in a single browser window at a time. Your results may vary, but in the six weeks I’ve been “unitasking” online, I’ve felt calmer, more creative, and able to sustain deep attention for longer periods of time. I rarely feel the mental whiplash of starting a task only to be drawn into Twitter, lurking two tabs away, or distracted by the asterisk next to the Slack icon, letting me know there’s a new message…”

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