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Strategic Plan 2016–19 – Federal Reserve

“In addition to investing in ongoing operations, the Board will prioritize investments and dedicate sufficient resources to six pillars over the 2016–19 period, which will allow the Board to advance its mission and respond to these continuing and evolving challenges. The six pillars are
•Project development and resource allocation. Improve project management capabilities and align resources to support current and emerging pro- grams central to the Board’s mission.
•Workforce. Uphold the Board as a sought-after place to work that attracts highly qualified individuals and embraces the range of similarities and differences each individual brings to the workplace, including thought, experience, and backgrounds.
•Physical infrastructure. Build a productive, collaborative work environment through the tailored use of space, technology, and design.
•Technology. Empower operational excellence, efficiency, and security through innovative technology platforms.
•Data. Research, analyze, and respond to economic and financial developments, challenges, and issues, as well as safety and soundness, consumer protection, and financial stability risks through enhancement of the Board’s data management and analytics environment.
•Public engagement and accountability. Increase understanding and appreciation of the Board’s mission through public engagement and accountability…”

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