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Students can quote ChatGPT in essays as long as they do not pass the work off as their own

Business Insider: “Students taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) will be allowed to use ChatGPT so long as they don’t try to pass the work off as their own.  Matt Glanville, head of assessment principles and practice at the IB, a qualification body that’s popular in Europe, told The Times of London that students would be allowed to quote AI-generated content. He compared the new technology with “familiar” challenges such as the risk of pupils buying essays from the internet.  Many people have expressed fears over ChatGPT’s growing influence in the education sector. One writer who produces assignments for students previously told Insider: “I think ChatGPT has the potential to completely disrupt what I do,” Austin said. Taylor added that demand had “dropped considerably.” Per The Times, Glanville said essay writing was being profoundly challenged by  new technology and “there’s no doubt that it will have much less prominence in the future.” Institutions should try and embrace ChatGPT as an “extraordinary opportunity,” he added…”

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