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Study – Google and Internet Archive Are Top Choices for ISIS Propaganda

Fortune: “While the Islamic State has been largely wiped off the physical battlefield, the terrorist group continues to maintain a steady presence on popular websites despite an increased push by tech companies to purge them. On Tuesday, the cybersecurity firm Flashpoint released a new report that lists the most popular sources of ISIS propaganda over a three year period. Surprisingly, those sources did not change much over time as the group continued to rely on sites like Google, YouTube, and the Internet Archive to publish their messages…In a statement to Fortune, a staff member at Internet Archive said the group works to quickly remove violent extremist content, or otherwise sequester it, so that it’s preserved but not visible to the general public. “The Internet Archive has had and continues to have regular and productive meetings with thoughtful government officials from the U.S. and the EU (including the U.K.) on the topic of ISIS and other extremist content, which have lead to helpful changes in notification methods and removal responses,” said the group’s office manager, Chris Butler. Meanwhile, Google and its subsidiary YouTube also figure prominently in the Flashpoint report. According to Wolf, ISIS regularly uses the company’s Photos and Drive products to share extremist content…”

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