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Study – Motorists Break Law To Save Time, Cyclists Break Law To Save Lives

Forbes: “Researchers have found that almost all road users break the law, but the reasons for the infractions differ between modes. Motorists break road rules to save time while cyclists do so to save their necks. Reported on JSTOR Daily on August 28, a study initially carried in the Journal of Transport and Land Use stated that “nearly everyone has … rolled through a stop sign or driven a few miles per hour over the speed limit” but that these infractions are considered “normal and even rational.” However, bicyclists breaking the law attracts a “higher level of scorn and scrutiny,” says the U.S study by university researchers Wesley E. Marshall, Daniel Piatkowski, and Aaron Johnson. “The popular press portrays bicyclists as reckless and a pervasive problem with potentially dire consequences,” said the trio, noting that other studies have shown that the “red-light running bicyclist angers drivers more than any other road user behavior.” (A Transport For London camera study of 7,500 cyclists at five junctions found in 2007 that, contrary to popular perception, most cyclists do not run reds: 84% of the cyclists stopped at red traffic lights.) Marshall, Piatkowski, and Johnson set out to discover whether cyclists (who also tend to have driving licenses) are naturally reckless and dangerous or whether they could be making rational, albeit illegal, choices when they cycle…”

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