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Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication

Levit, Nancy and MacLachlan, Lawrence Duncan and Rostron, Allen K. and Greaves, Drew and Pratt, Staci, Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication (August 23, 2021). Available at SSRN: or
“Each year law students collectively write a large number of papers that could become law review articles but that are never published. Most law schools require students at some point during their time in law school to research and write an academic paper of publishable quality or seminar paper. Some of these are law review notes and comments that are not selected for publication. Others of these are papers written for specific substantive classes or to fulfill research and writing requirements. Most of these student papers – even very worthy ones – will never be published or posted online. The publishing route for law students who want to publish in a venue other than their home law journal is not clearly marked. And many law reviews simply will not accept submissions from students outside their own school. Often, the publishing opportunities for non-law review members in their home school’s law review are also not well known. The purposes of this essay are twofold. First, it offers a number of suggestions for law students (and implicitly for students in other graduate programs) who want to publish their research papers. Second, this essay presents a chart of the policies of 196 law reviews with respect to whether they will publish comments submitted by non-law review members who are students at their home school or notes, comments or articles submitted by law students from other schools. It also links to sources discussing publication in online law review supplements or pocket parts.” [ welcomes your articles]

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