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Supreme Court launches redesigned website

SCOTUSblog: “Late Friday evening [July 28, 2017] the Supreme Court released a new version of its website ( The court’s Public Information Office boasts that the site update includes “a more consistent menu structure, a more interactive calendar, faster access through Quick Links, improved page load times, and reduced page scrolling.” For example, instead of indicating only that the court will hear oral argument on a given day, the updated calendar provides case names for each argument day, with links to the docket entries and the questions at issue in each case. The homepage also provides access to transcripts, audio and other case information. In a tweet, Orin Kerr suggested that a new case-citation system, which lists internet sources cited in opinions, represents “a good effort to fight linkrot.” In 2013, Jonathan Zittrain, Kendra Albert and Lawrence Lessig released results of a study indicating that half the links in Supreme Court opinions no longer work…”

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