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Survey Finds Organizations Still Seeking IT Tools to Leverage Enterprisewide Know-How

“Current IT systems deliver too much data and not enough insight, according to a new survey of global executives by the Economist Intelligence Unit.” [Link]

  • Know how – Managing knowledge for competitive advantage (22 pages, PDF)
  • : “There is no shortage of IT tools designed to address the requirement for corporate knowledge. But executives in our survey complain that although their systems are brimming with data, accessing the information they need to make good decisions can be hugely difficult. Technology often hinders rather than helps by providing solutions that are either too difficult to use or that fail to deliver the information managers need most. Departmental silos that prevent, for example, information in sales from flowing through to product development also emerge in this research as an all too familiar problem. These issues are forcing firms to look for new knowledge management strategies, supported by smarter IT solutions, as a way of harnessing information for competitive advantage.”

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