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SV150: Current tech boom is no dot-com bubble, experts say

Silicon Valley’s top public tech companies ranked, in everything from sales to taxes paid. (Dollar figures in millions.)  By Daniel J. Willis, Jeremy C. Owens and Jack Davis / Bay Area News Group – Searchable Database.

  • Patrick May – Mercury News – “Silicon Valley’s tech cup runneth over. Job growth is humming, coders are being lionized on HBO, Uber and its shared-economy cohorts are on fire, disrupted innovation is unfolding on every corner. And everyone from downtown San Jose to Oakland’s Uptown to San Francisco’s South of Market is partying like it’s 1999. Luckily, it’s not — at least according to those who say today’s boom and the exuberance of the dot-com craze are like night and day. “Back around 2000, the IPOs were characterized by having only a few years’ track record and little in the way of profits,” says Brett Trueman, professor of accounting at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. “What’s happening today is much different, because a lot of these companies have been around for longer periods of time, and they’re more likely to be earning money than the startups during the dot-com boom. That’s a clear indication that the froth isn’t there now like it was in 2000.”
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