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Talent Trends 2014 – What’s on the minds of the professional workforce

LinkedIn: “For career-minded people everywhere, these are interesting times. Economies continue to falter in several regions of the world, which can make job transition frustrating for the one in four professionals actively seeking their next role. That said, for anyone open to a career move, we live in an era of unprecedented transparency. More job opportunities are viewable online, and the available context – information on the company, its culture, and the team including the hiring manager – has never been richer. Meanwhile, the Talent Acquisition industry has retooled and rethought its processes in order to proactively find the best people for the job, rather than waiting for the right candidates to come to them. All of which has an impact on the way people find and consider new careers. It’s against that backdrop that we bring you Talent Trends 2014.  About this survey: We surveyed over 18,000 fully-employed workers in 26 countries* to shed light on professional attitudes to job seeking, job satisfaction and career evaluation around the world – so you can understand and attract top-notch employees to your company.  The results in this eBook are global averages, with some commentary on countries bucking the trends. For full country-specific breakdowns of the key questions, please refer to the detailed appendix.”

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