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Task Force on the Future of Military Health Care Delivers Final Report

Task Force on the Future of Military Health Care, Final Report, December 2007 (204 pages, PDF): “The Task Force concludes that, first and foremost, DoD must maintain a health care system that meets the military’s readiness needs. DoD should make changes in its business and health care practices aimed at improving the effectiveness of the military health care system. The Task Force also believes that those treated by this system—military members and retirees as well as their dependents—deserve a generous health care benefit in recognition of their important service to the Nation. However, to be fair to the American taxpayers, the military health care benefit must be reasonably consistent with broad trends in the U.S. health care system. To implement these overarching conclusions, the Task Force makes several broad recommendations. Many of these recommendations, if implemented, would affect the entire Military Health System. Other recommendations are focused on the health benefits for military retirees. Importantly, the Task Force recommends no changes in the minimal costs now paid by Active Duty military personnel or their family members for health care.”

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