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Tax Analyst News Analysis: Substantial Minority of Scrutinized Exempt Organizations Were Not Conservative

“In news analysis, Martin A. Sullivan reviews some IRS data on tax exemption applications that were subjected to extra review and finds that a substantial minority were from nonconservative groups…In a separate May 15 release, the IRS said the total number of advocacy cases it has handled since the selection began in May 2010 is approximately 470. This suggests that approximately 172 applications (that is, 470 minus 298) have been filed after the end of the application period examined by TIGTA. Of the 176 organizations the IRS has approved, Tax Analysts counted 46 that had either “Tea Party,” “patriots,” or “9-12 project” in their name. The table released by the IRS indicated that 136 of all approved organizations were awarded 501(c)(4) status, 39 received 501(c)(3) status, and one was granted 501(c)(6) status.”

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