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Tech hacks to make traveling right now less of a headache

The New York Times: “Now using tech can help make travel less chaotic and more comfortable, and assist in avoiding customer service snafus. Anyone who has gone on a trip in the past year probably has a horror story. Canceled flights have abounded. Customer service wait times with airlines can. The most important time saving tech travel tip right now is to avoid apps and websites that book through a third party, even though they can save you money. That’s because if something goes wrong with your flight or hotel room, a middleman is yet another party to deal with, which could lead to even more hours wasted on hold…”

See also The New York Times: At Last, Online Travel Planning Is Becoming (a Little) “EasierAirbnb, Google Travel and a few other platforms have tweaked their search engines, and that means less slogging through pages and pages of results on everything from home rental options to flight routes.”

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