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Technology Trends 2014: Inspiring Disruption

“CIOs have historically focused on core delivery and operations with a budget and operating model built around low risk—buying enterprise-class software, building a talent base that could support a well-defined future state, driving for efficiencies in light of constant cost pressures. More and more CIOs, faced with disruptive forces such as crowdsourcing, mobile only, big data, and cybersecurity, are shifting from a world of known problems into one filled with unknowns. To make matters worse, organizational governance has become more complex as barriers for other parts of the business to enter the technical arena have fallen. CIOs are seeing this divergent behavior—and realizing that their current tools for managing risk and leveraging assets may not work in this new world. Instead, many are beginning to manage their technology portfolios in ways that drive enterprise value, actively monitor the performance of the portfolios, and communicate the portfolios’ positions in language the business can grasp. To do this, CIOs are borrowing from the playbook of today’s leading venture capitalists (VCs). As a result, they are reshaping how they run the business of IT.”

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