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The 10 Traits of Globally Fluent Metro Areas

Brookings: “Swift global integration, the expansion of a global consumer class, and the rise of urban areas as the engines of global economic growth have ushered in a new era that demands more global engagement from America’s city and regional leaders. These two papers, including the international edition, present 10 traits of globally fluent metro areas and their critical relationship to the competitiveness, productivity, and prosperity of cities and regions in the 21st century…

1. Leadership with a Worldview – Local leadership networks with a global outlook have great potential for impact on the global fluency of a metro area.

2. Legacy of Global Orientation – Due to their location, size, and history, certain cities were naturally oriented toward global interaction at an early stage, giving them a first mover advantage

3. Specializations with Global Reach – Cities often establish their initial global position through a distinct economic specialization, leveraging it as a platform for diversification.”

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